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Yamini Gautam joins WWF to voice for sniffer dogs

May 20th was observed as International Day of the Rescue Dogs. Yamini Gautam, the Indian film actress joins international organization World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to spread awareness about sniffer dogs. Animal Welfare Awareness Many celebrities along with various animal organizations are working towards animal welfare and adoption across the globe. Yamini Gautam too is one such celebrity face who has agreed to be the face of WWF’s recent campaign which works for rescue and sniffer dogs working with the army as well as forest departments. Through social media and her huge fan following, Voice for Sniffer Dogs She has agreed ...
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Exotics are coming to India, with few to stop the trade

Chennai police have unearthed a racket where exotic animals are being smuggled into the country by students looking to make a quick buck. Live exotics are brought in for various purposes including illegal meat trade as well Indians who prefer off-beat pets, reports TOI. The animals which smuggled include endangered species like Indian pangolin, red-eared slider, and Indian star tortoise. Shark fins are also a part of the increased exotic animal trade in India, which fetch Rs 50,000 per kilo, the report says. Removing shark fins is not just painful but also cruel because they would drown without them. Why ...
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A Dog’s Journey: A purposeful watch

“A Dog’s Journey,” the sequel to “A Dog’s Purpose” (2017),  is all about a dog who on a mission to project CJ (Kathryn Prescott) through her struggles and joys all through her journey. “I loved the fact that the movie itself has an Indian philosophy of reincarnation of life”, said Ruksh Chatterjee, Digital Transformation Head, IIFL Investments. Based on the novel written by W. Bruce Cameron and directed by Gail Mancuso, the plot and the cinematography is a picturesque screen grab. The voice of Bailey by Josh Gad set the tone for the movie and rightly portrayed Bailey’s emotions bringing smiles and ...
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Dog school idea yet to take off in Mumbai

Mumbai pet parents are not warming up to the idea of dog schools, not yet at least. According to research conducted by NewsOnPets, only half of the respondents said that they are willing to send their dogs to school. While many pet parents think a dog care centre would be a good option, others believe that daycare centres wouldn’t care for their dog, like family. What are dog schools? Daycare centres for pets or dog schools are institutions that provide supervision when pet owners are at work. Dog schools provide services like dog walking, dog training and daycare. It also ...
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Blind dog will fly with Lufthansa to her forever home in Dulles

A visually impaired female dog was found on the streets of Ghatkopar, Mumbai. However, she has now found her forever home in the US and will fly with Lufthansa to Dulles, North Virginia to live with her new family. The first encounter The dog named Meher was born blind and was spotted by animal rights activist Vinita Kalgutkar at the Bombay Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BSPCA), Parel. “I noticed the pup wouldn’t lift her head up. When I picked her up, I realized she was blind. So we decided to do something for her. Find a forever ...
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Mumbai based organization aims to make city Rabies free

The Welfare of Stray Dogs is a Mumbai based nonprofit trust that aims to make Mumbai a rabies-free city in a humane way. “What motivated me to begin this organization is that I have always been an animal lover. I have a pet dog now and since I was a kid and even before I was born, my family had one. So naturally, love for a dog runs in the blood. Helping strays, I believe is my first step towards a better society”, says Mayur Jadhav, field/kennel manager of the Welfare of Stray Dogs, Mumbai. Where it all began The ...
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Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma is a dog dad

In the history of Indian Premier League, this would be the 4th title in the name of Mumbai Indians. Tonight, Rohit Sharma, the winning team captain will go home to jumping dogs and a squealing kid. And, he would have got this welcome even as this captain of Mumbai Indians did not win the IPL series, due to their unconditional bond. The captain has a pet dog and it’s a Beagle. The pooch is pretty adorable. In a video, the pooch is seen running towards Rohit Sharma as he returned back and welcoming him with hugs and kisses. He is ...
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A Dog’s Journey: Watch with no regrets

The screening of A Dog’s Journey held at Sunny Super Sound, Juhu, Mumbai on the 12th May witnessed giggles and tears at the same time. The event began at 3 pm hosted by Reliance Entertainment and NewsOnPets as their media partners. Popular faces like Rajeev Masand and family were present for the screening. An approximate of 35-40 faces from the pet industry that included pet parents, pet trainers and pet lovers were present. The one and a half hour journey of Bailey was an emotional and relatable joyride. Many pet parents present said that they could connect to the movie ...
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Fani’s fury: Sanctuary animals homeless, trees gone

The casualties of Cyclone Fani in Odisha is slowly growing and now stands at 64. This is one of the worst storms to hit the region for decades. Yet, the government’s meteorological strength and quick evacuation helped stall the number of casualties. Farm and domestic animals were also rescued as a part of the massive evacuation programme. Odisha lost millions of trees due to cyclones in last 2 decades and impacted our biodiversity. While more than 8 lakhs human have been shifted to safety now due to cyclone Fani,pray for these animals & trees which takes time to establish & ...
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The Cast behind Bailey’s Purposeful journey

‘Some friendships transcend lifetimes’. A dog keeps coming back to his master telling a compelling story of love and affection. An official sequel to the 2017 film, ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ is releasing this month called, ‘A Dog’s Journey’. This family adventure is all set to bring smiles and tears to viewers, this summer. The hands behind the journey Based on the bestselling novel written by W. Bruce Cameron, this movie revolves the story of a dog called Bailey, which is born again and again in a quest for purpose. Directed by Emmy winner Gail Mancuso, ‘A Dog’s Journey’ is produced ...
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