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Indian Tiger

NH44 Highway in Maharashtra: A Hotspot For Tigers!

One week ago, a video recording of a tiger crossing the newly developed National Highway 44 (NH44) went viral on social media. The video was recorded by a group of commuters passing through Pench Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra. NH44 has been designed as a four-lane highway. Last week, travellers on the newly four-laned NH-44 in Maharashtra recorded a startling video. It showed T1, a tiger from the Pench reserve, crossing the highway in daylight. Read full story here |— The Indian Express (@IndianExpress) July 16, 2019 Wildlife enthusiasts and activists have pointed out that the underpasses situated on NH44 ...
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Baby Rhino Rescued in Kaziranga National Park Floods!

Amidst the recent catastrophic floods in the Kaziranga National Park, a baby rhinoceros was found drowning. A 45-second video circulated in the last 24 hours of wildlife rescuers saving the rhinoceros calf has won many hearts. The video is of three men in a paddleboat whilst another man is standing on a wooden raft. They are on either side of the calf. As a joint effort, they can be seen trying to lift the calf from the forceful gushes of water. Parveen Kaswan, an Indian Forest Service (IFS) official, uploaded the video on Twitter. Some will be lucky. A team ...
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NewsOnPets, The Lion King

The Lion King 2019: Illustration of The Circle of Life

Photo Courtesy: IMDb Long Live the King! The remake of Disney’s legendary animated classic, The Lion King (2019) is a royal rumble filled with adventure, drama and breathtaking African landscapes. The film has been directed and produced by American actor and director John Favreau and Walt Disney Pictures. The 2019 remake is on the same lines as The Lion King (1994) along with few added scenes that extend the original film time by 30 minutes. The film has scenes which are a smooth flow of high-intensity moments and amusing banter. Released worldwide, The Lion King (2019) features photorealistic computer-generated imagery ...
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Weekend Getaways to Bond Pooches with Pet Parents

Urban spaces are cluttered with cemented houses and edifices leaving any free green areas. Due to this, there is hardly any space for dogs and other animals to roam freely. Keeping this in mind, Pooja Sathe Gawande, began an initiative called Crazy K9 Campers back in 2005. She is a dog trainer and behaviourist herself. This Mumbai organization hosts perfect ‘Weekend Getaways’ or ‘Pet Camps’ as it is called for pooches to bond with their parents as well as enjoy the liberty of free spaces within the outskirts of the city. Till date, around thousands of pet parents have participated ...
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Floods in Assam Wreck Animal Habitats

Heavy rains have deeply affected the north-eastern states of India. Approximately 70 per cent of Assam's Kaziranga National Park has borne the brunt of it. 95 camps are said to be submerged underwater. Officials have confirmed that resident animals have been relocated to highlands. A video of deers trudging through the neck-deep waters in the National Park is breaking the Internet. Many took their social media platforms to raise awareness of the severity of the situation.  IFS Officer of Parveen Kaswan shared his sentiments through a tweet: This will melt your heart. 90% of #Kaziranga is under water now. #Disaster ...
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Animal Planet Turns 20!

India's most popular wildlife channel, Animal Planet, enters its 20th year of operations in India. To celebrate this milestone, the channel aims to integrate several programming initiatives and revamp their brand identity. Animal conservation will assume an important place in the scheme of things as it is one of the major concerns in India. Animal planet already supports various tiger conservation drives in India like the Manas Tiger Reserve Park and Sundarbans Bio Reserve. With the Indian breakthrough, the network will launch other initiatives to stimulate and boost wildlife conservation in India. On the brand identity front, "leaping elephant" is ...
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Rulebook for Wildlife Enthusiasts!

Eco-Tourism is booming with the help of a wide range of digital cameras and mobile cameras equipped with a mega-zoom lens. High-resolution images are being splashed across social media spaces from time to time. Everyone wants to be a part of this wildlife adventure. It's an exciting yet overwhelming feeling to watch these large carnivores and elephants walk past you. Unfortunately, all that is gold does not glitter. There is a flip-side to this. According to studies, tigers are facing stress due to the high numbers in eco-tourism related activities. So here's a question I would like to pose - ...
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NewsOnPets, Pet Abandonment

Pet Abandonment Cases On a Rise in India!

Dogs are known to be lifelong pet companions. According to a report by Euromonitor, around 7  million dogs in 2009 were adopted by Indian families and the number increased to 12 million in 2014. What is sad to know is that the majority of Indians express a special preference for a foreign breed or a pedigree dog. Apart from this, there is an entirely new generation of pet parents that decide on the breed of dogs they would want to own. At times, parties interested in adopting a dog insist on pure breeds born as a result of inbreeding. Inbreeding ...
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Creative: NewsOnPets

Activists Encourage Adopting the Vegan Lifestyle

Veganism has become a trend and a popular lifestyle change amongst most health and fitness enthusiasts. Nowadays, Indians seem to be swearing by vegan foods to stay fit. Back in the day, this way of life has definitely worked wonders for even Mahatma Gandhi. During the period he abstained from consuming meat, he found solace in a vegan diet. As stated in his biography, he was "inclined towards being a vegan even before the concept existed".  Therefore it suggests how veganism and vegetarianism has been a long standing tradition in our nation. Recently, animal rights activists ran a campaign to ...
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Leopard at Nehru Zoo Hyderabad

India to Launch its First Post Graduate Course on Animal Protection Laws

Hyderabad’s Animal Law Center at NALSAR University of Law collaborated with Humane Society International India to launch the first post graduate course on Animal Protection Laws. The diploma course has been segregated into four divisions. The divisions will cover topics like Animal Laws, Ethics, Welfare, and laws regarding wildlife as well as animal cruelty. The one-year diploma course will be open to applicants of all academic backgrounds, social workers, animal right activists. Anyone who has a deep- seated interest in animal welfare can also enroll in this course. It’ll be designed for distance learning with a few lessons every semester ...
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