Holiday Weekend Binge: Top cat-purr movies

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Catwoman is a popular movie starring Halle Berry but feline lovers yearn for four legged heroes on screen. Catering to the tastes of cat people, a lot of movie-makers are capturing the sass and style of cats into superhit movies. Let’s take a look at a few such movies.

Puss in Boots

In a catty adventure, the Puss in Boots who made his debut in Shrek movies, gets a magic movie journey of his own. Puss with his thigh length boots on hind legs, goes off to find the elusive magic beans. But what he finds is an adversary whom he falls for, Kitty Softpaws. Along the journey, the pair also find Humpty, the real Goose that lays golden eggs and fights the Great Terror, the villain. In an expected ending, Puss becomes the hero after saving his friends from terror and kisses Kitty, his true love.

Garfield: The Movie

We see a real Jon and a Liz with an animated Garfield who is sarcastic, greedy and the movie tells the story of how Odie comes home. The most entertaining part of the movie is when Jon punishes Garfield to sleep outside the home. A sad and dejected Garfield sings, ‘New dog state of mind’ reminding everyone of the pain an existing pet goes through when a new one comes in.

Garfield also saves Odie from a mean television presenter who kidnaps him with the help of his friends from the street and the pound! Now, that’s a happy ending we would all like to see.

Cats & Dogs

This fantasy movie touches many raw funny bones which shows a Utopian society where cats and dogs communicate and talk. But, no surprise, they are still enemies. While cats are working on a mission to make humans develop a mass allergy to dogs, eliminating them home once and for all.

Dogs too have their own intelligence which detects it and is equipped with swanky gadgets, a group of Doberman agents along with other breeds fight them. On the way, we meet crazy Professors, Russian mercenaries and all others, common in spy thrillers.


Cats don’t dance

A Middle American cat with dreams to become an actor ends up in Hollywood and even bags a movie. After learning how minor his part is, the cat Danny learns that humans get meatier roles in movies and none of the animals who star in them are happy about it. After an accident bars them from the studio, he and the animals come up with a plan to take over the centerstage and put on an impressive musical performance. Soon enough, animals get the lion’s share of roles that they always deserved. And yes, cats are wonderful dancers.

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