Heart beats: Catch early signs of cardio diseases

Our hearts beat for our dogs. But, are their hearts beating right? It is very common for dogs to develop cardiac complications and pet parents should keep a keen eye out for the early signs. Almost 10% of dogs are known to develop some kind of heart disease at various points of their lives. The most common is valvular disease, which occurs in three fourths of smaller breeds of dogs. Other diseases that frequently occur are heartworm diseases and myocardial diseases.

Catch it early

Heart diseases, like other lifestyle disorders can be best prevented if discovered at the right time. According to top veterinary doctors, dogs should be taken to regular health check-ups, allowing them to spot these signs. In addition, pet parents should watch  all dogs above the age of five for possible signs as listed below.

Never ignore these signs

  • If your dog exhibits difficulty in breathing, do not ignore it. It is a pre-warning sign for a possible disease. Take it to the vet for a check-up immediately.
  • Since dogs tend to sit on laps and nap close to parents, all of them are aware of the lub-dub sounds that their hearts make. If the dog has a heart disease, it changes to an abnormal swishing sound, which can be detected easily as they occur in the murmurs.
  • Coughing in dogs should not ignored as a normal blip. If it occurs especially in the night, action should be immediately taken.
  • The most serious of signs are syncope which is temporary loss in consciousness or drop in blood pressure; fainting or collapsing.
  • Body parts tend to collect liquids or swelling of leg or edema is also a critical sign. Water in the belly and the ascites should also be watched for. While it is possible that swelling can be a result of allergies, it is not a sign to be overlooked by pet parents.
  • If dogs are showing signs of lethargy, it might not be normal. If the dog is intolerant towards exercise, loss of appetite or weight loss, it is not normal.

Do not lose heart

If your pet is indeed diagnosed with heart disease, pet parents should not lose hope. Most heart diseases are easily curable and the signs and effects can be reversed by regular monitoring and care. However, pet owners should not try too many home remedies and informally. This can aggravate the trouble further.

Dogs with heart disease need a vet’s advice, lots of care and of course extra doses of love.

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