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Baby Rhino Rescued in Kaziranga National Park Floods!

Amidst the recent catastrophic floods in the Kaziranga National Park, a baby rhinoceros was found drowning. A 45-second video circulated ...
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NewsOnPets, The Lion King

The Lion King 2019: Illustration of The Circle of Life

Photo Courtesy: IMDb Long Live the King! The remake of Disney’s legendary animated classic, The Lion King (2019) is a ...
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Aromatherapy Can Work Wonders for Pets Too!

Aromatherapy has had a booming presence in the recent years. According to a report the global valuation of aromatherapy is ...
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Tennessee Police Warn People to ‘avoid flushing drugs down toilet drains’

Police officials in Loretto, Tennesse, USA have warned residents, through a Facebook post to avoid flushing drugs like methamphetamine, down ...
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Floods in Assam Wreck Animal Habitats

Heavy rains have deeply affected the north-eastern states of India. Approximately 70 per cent of Assam's Kaziranga National Park has ...
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Animal Planet Turns 20!

India's most popular wildlife channel, Animal Planet, enters its 20th year of operations in India. To celebrate this milestone, the ...
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Rulebook for Wildlife Enthusiasts!

Eco-Tourism is booming with the help of a wide range of digital cameras and mobile cameras equipped with a mega-zoom ...
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Leopard at Nehru Zoo Hyderabad

India to Launch its First Post Graduate Course on Animal Protection Laws

Hyderabad’s Animal Law Center at NALSAR University of Law collaborated with Humane Society International India to launch the first post ...
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Cape Verde, Loggerhead sea turtles, nesting ground

Cape Verde – Abode of Only Female Loggerhead Hatchlings in the Future?

The Republic of Cape Verde off the African Coast in the Atlantic Ocean is reported to hold the third - ...
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Photo Courtesy: Times of India / Babu and his family

Still in search for their feline family member…

Three weeks ago, Jayesh, a cloth merchant from Surat, lost their beloved pet cat Babu. They have been staying in ...
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