Get set for Diwali shopping for your pet!

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Pet parents are anxious this festive season. While they buy clothes for themselves and gifts for friends, they are worried about leaving out the most important part of their family, their pet babies. Even as they take a break from keeping their pets safe from cracker sounds this Diwali, they are falling short of things to add to the list.

We, at Newsonpets, have some helpful suggestions.

Custom-made scarves

Gauree Pai with her dog Amaari who models her designs

Gauree Pai from Mumbai has an answer to clothing worries. She creates custom-made scarves from choke-friendly material for cats and dogs. The scarves are custom made to the pet’s neck size with its name and has a comfortable button which ensures that the pet can wear it for long hours. Called Amaari Pet Wear, Pai has already dressed over 50 dogs and cats, and has a target to bring in more pets into the hold.

And, what’s more? Pai also makes matching scarves for pet parents and their babies, mimicking the trend of couples and families wearing matching clothes. “I have started the business as I started dressing my own dog Amaari, and myself in scarves and I saw that she received a lot of attention. A larger number of people came in to pet her and it was a wonderful experience,” she says. Pai believes that pets need some style along with sass.

Portable tent-houses

Clothes make pet parents happy. If you want to make pets happy, give them toys! Few pet parents now use kennels but dogs and cats crave for that ‘crawl space’ which is cozy and can and allows them to play around for hours. Their needs can be met by portable pet tent houses which can be used indoors and outdoors and are easy to clean. Make sure you pick up a tent which is perfect for the pet size, though the general ones in the market are good for small sized dogs, cats and rabbits. Also make sure it is made from flea-safe material too. Most of the brands on offer have a range of colours to choose from.

Doggie sofas

Are you going in for a furniture makeover this Diwali? Do not forget to add your pet into the equation. While there are expensive luxury beds in the market for too long, many popular brands are also now offering products like doggie beds and sofas with pet friendly material which is suitable for cats as well. A few brands also offer inflatable loungers for indoor and outdoor use. Just make sure that it is easy to clean or vacuum otherwise your gift might end up into a unhygienic hotbed!

Grooming sessions  

Pet parents are always worried about Diwali due to the effect the festival has on their babies. How about fighting off these blues for a relaxing session right before it? Book a luxurious grooming session along with a massage at a pet-safe grooming center, before the season kicks in. Lord knows, they need some me-time before the bad days take over.


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