Fight off heat wave with these cool tips


An unexpected October heat wave has exploded into our lives with temperatures soaring to 34-35 degrees. Pets are much more vulnerable to heat, and can fall ill much easier than we do. Here are a few tips to make sure that your pet stays safe and healthy:

Watch out for heat stress

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Do not be comforted by the fact that your pet has stayed indoors during the afternoons and hence the heat wave wouldn’t affect him. It is common for animals to be stressed even when they are indoors. Special attention should be given to pets with thick coats. Keep a close eye on them. If they look confused or disoriented and look like they are about to faint, rush them to a vet. If pet looks parched, also try wiping them with wet towels or spraying them with mist.

Change timings of walk

A heat wave is a good time to alter your dog walking routine. If you are used to walking them early evenings or late mornings, shift them to pre-sunny times like 6 am or 7 am to be back home begore 8 am. With an ongoing heat wave, it gets too sunny by 9 am every day. In the evenings too, it is wiser to go for a walk when it is about to turn dark.

Ice cool water

Actively ensure that your pet drinks as much water as possible. Dehydration is very common in dry summers that we are experiencing. To keep a count of how much they are consuming, make sure you place multiple bowls of water around them. It will also ensure that they drink much more than expected. Also, test the temperature of the water given and try to mix a few pieces of ice to make water cooler for your pet.

Cooler indoors

If you have a large home with a garden and the pet insists on playing outside, make sure they stay in the shade. Otherwise, ensure they stay indoors without making them feeling confined. Engage them with indoor toys or other entertainment that they prefer. A few pet parents insist that they sleep in airconditioned rooms, which too can help them tide off the heat.

Wading pools

If you do not own a swimming pool, do not be dejected. There are a large number of inflatable mini pools in the market, which can be filled with water for your pet to play. They might want to jump in and wade and roll to ward off heat. These pools are easy to maintain and clean up after, as well. A few enterprising pet parents also fill bathtubs for pets to play in and stay happy during heat.

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