Feeding ‘em leftovers? Here are some ground rules

Festivals and celebrations are tough on pet parents. While they prepare and serve feasts for themselves, they also want their furry friends to be a part of it. Yet, not all holiday food can go down well with your pet. So make sure that you feed them carefully, especially if you cannot make holiday-themed pet treats.

Avoids sweets and chocolates

It is common knowledge that both cats and dogs cannot tolerate chocolate. It is poisonous for cats and cause major troubles with dogs as well. Unfortunately, a lot of holiday sweets can have some form of chocolate, so peruse them carefully before allowing your pet to indulge in it. Avoid sweets also if possible, as too much sugar isn’t good either. Cookies with grape and raisins should be avoided too.

Try new foods with caution

A holiday treat might be healthier to feed, but make sure that you do not overwhelm them with too much new food. Start with a small portion of one food, check its reaction for a day and if all is well, proceed with another. The standard rule is that the food should be low on fat, spice and salt.

For healthy pets only

Ensure that that your pet is the healthiest phase it can be before you try new foods. Sick or aged pets might suffer more from digestive disorders, and should not be experimented on. It can cause vomiting and other reactions.

List the right foods

Chicken, turkey and mutton which is not cooked in excess oil or have fat are good to feed dogs. Keep them away from pork and other pig meat since they are known to cause pancreatitis. Plain pastas and potatoes (which is not fried) and does not have too much fat or other ingredients are also good dog and cat treats.

Ensure that pets are kept away from gravy, anything with onion and garlic.  Most Indian foods have both these, and are hence unfit for consumption. Milk creams, cheese, cream cheese are not particularly healthy so those can be avoided as well. Foods with alcohol should be kept away from them as well.

If you are having house guests over for holidays, make sure that they are briefed about what to feed them.

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