Fani’s fury: Sanctuary animals homeless, trees gone

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The casualties of Cyclone Fani in Odisha is slowly growing and now stands at 64. This is one of the worst storms to hit the region for decades. Yet, the government’s meteorological strength and quick evacuation helped stall the number of casualties. Farm and domestic animals were also rescued as a part of the massive evacuation programme.

Yet, the storm reared an ugly head, destroying as many trees and homes leaving both humans and animals stranded.

The latest set of victims to come to light are at Balukhand Wildlife Sanctuary and Nandankan Zoological Park. As several animal enclosures have been affected, the zoo has been shut, reports The Hindu.

No trees, no homes

As thousands of trees have been destroyed in the forest areas, a large number of monkeys have come to cities, as they now have no homes. The number of cases of reported monkey attacks looking for food, in Bhubaneshwar, has increased.

At the Balukhand sanctuary, initial estimates say that 55,00,000 trees have been uprooted. That would around 20% of the total trees in the sanctuary, which is spread over 87 acres.


Due to this destruction, around 400 spotless deer famous in the area; along with wild boars, mongooses, hyenas, jackals and wolves have become homeless. However, the good news is that the wildlife officials say that they have not found any carcasses of animals, which indicates that they could have survived the cyclone.




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