End legalized hunting: Avni activists seek a new Act

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It has been over a week since T1 was shot dead in Pandharkawada village, near Nashik. But the anger hasn’t died down. And the protests came out of social media and became real and virtual yesterday when they came together at a silent march at Nana Nani Park at Dadar. The protest which was supposed to be rally was cancelled as the police denied permission, but the organizers now changed the venue, to ensure everyone speaks out against it.


Amend Wildlife Act

“Avni was special. Because, this one tigress has united the whole nation against atrocities on animals,” said a protestor, speaking to the media.  They also sought the Prime Minister to bring about an amendment in the Wildlife Act that would end legalized hunting of animals in the country.

The organizers also want a law that would named after the shot tigress Avni, that would ensure that a committee would make decisions of hunting of animals instead of one sole departmental authority, to ensure fair and holistic decisions are taken. The protestors along with many others across the country, have filed public interest litigations (PILs) against the months-long hunt and the ultimate death of T1.


‘Save the cubs’  

The 200-odd protestors who joined together for the cause, also demanded a resignation of the forest minister for the wanton killing. The concerned activists also wanted the forest department to care for Avni’s cubs in the best manner possible. “The cubs are the priority now,” they said.

The killing had irked many animal lovers, conservationists and citizens alike, due to the many rumours and controversies surrounding the hunt. A large number of Twitterati and activists refuse to believe that the tigress has attacked the hunt party, and had to be shot. New theories are coming to the fore that the autopsy indicates that the shooting might not be a case of self-defense.

Maneka Gandhi, the Union Cabinet Minister for Women & Child Development who is an animal activist and environmentalist, first; was quick to react and call out for a united voice that speaks up:

Compared to this, Rahul Gandhi’s was a more subdued tweet with a quote from the Mahatma

Added to that, many also claim that the forest department’s quick fix act might have something to do with the lands that T1 occupied. Netizens and citizens alike believe that corporate greed might have driven it to death. Even as the State machinery continues to justify the killings and the scores of activists call out for a National Policy that prevents a similar episode ever again, a lot could possibly be summed up in this poem that



The numbers of tigers have been dwindling for the last few decades in India due to expansion of cities and encroachment of forests. According to the estimates, India has only around 1,400 tigers left. Tiger hunting had been a popular sport in India before and after British occupation. As per a National Geographic blog, over 80,000 tigers were hunted down between 1870 to 1920!!!

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