Drunken man hits puppy with a thick wooden stick for playing around him

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On Friday night, a drunken man in Mumbai hit a puppy with a thick wooden stick repeatedly, until it broke into pieces. On questioning him for his behaviour, he said, “Even if I kill the puppy, you cannot do anything. The puppy is mine and you should not interfere in our matter”. The puppy’s leg was found swollen and was treated by locals themselves post the incident.

Animal Cruelty

Pet adoption or fostering pets is on a rise in India, however, in a slum area of Tadwadi, Chirabazar located in Marine Lines, Mumbai the story is somewhat different. A drunken resident of the area, identified as Katlesh hit a puppy with a wooden stick and continued the same till the thick wooden stick broke into pieces. The incident occurred at around 11:54 pm on Friday, 7th June.

Katlesh Mama, as he is called by the children of the area state that t the man, whenever drunk hit the puppies within the vicinity. Preeti, a resident of the area told NewsOnPets that he never does the same in his sober state. Previously too, Katlesh hit the two puppies on their legs in a harsh and cruel manner. Preeti states that the pups were hit on the same leg as previously, which made the swelling on their limbs even worse.



Petizen speaks

A petizen from stepped ahead to investigate and fight against the drunk resident. “The pups are taken care of by everyone in the area. Such an incident has taken place time and again. I feed the stray cats and dogs of the area, however, I do not reside in the same place. Previously, many kids or people around the area have told me about this man, but until I watch with my own eye or witness the same, I couldn’t take this matter to the police. I tried to launch an FIR at the LT Marg police station against this man, however, received no response by the police.  The culprit states that the pups belong to him. While otherwise, refuses to take care of the pups. He also threatened me that he would file a cross-complaint against me saying that I leave dogs outside his house and go away. The family doesn’t provide the pups with proper food and water and the man keeps hitting the pups whenever drunk.  Along with me, many animal lovers within the area decided to call an NGO and ask them to look after the two pups as they have been a victim of animal cruelty time and again. To which Katlesh refuses and claims that the dog is his and cannot be taken away”, said a source residing at Tadwadi. She added that “the culprit has gathered few residents of the area and has asked them to sign a letter to the BMC which states that the dog doesn’t belong to anyone and should be taken away at the earliest”. Katlesh’s two-faced behaviour has kept everyone in a fix and many animal lovers within the residence are fighting for the strays living in the area.

No one from the Tadwadi has ever stood up and fought for the voiceless. Every time they have just watched the pups being hit. Animal lovers called an NGO to help them fight against Katlesh. When confronted by the NGO volunteers, Katlesh assured that he wouldn’t commit such an act ever again. The residents fight for the puppies and wait for the police of LT Marg to look deep into the matter and punish the culprit for his cruel behaviour.

We at NewsOnPets, thank the resident of the area for fighting against the pups and sending the story to us. You too can be alert petizens and if an eye witness to any such cruelty, you can write to us at editor@newsonpets.com.

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