Weekend Binge Watch: Detective Pikachu, Gotta Catch it Now

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The latest launch from the Pokemon world, the movie Detective Pikachu, promises to pack a punch.

A young boy called Tim is bothered as his father, an ace police detective, goes missing. What comes to his aid to bring back Harry Goodman, his former friend, is Pikachu. And, he is no normal Pikachu either, as he can talk. He is a super sleuth and super funny and has many wisecracks up his ears.

Pokemons are fictional creatures which are raised and trained to fight. Yet another class of characters in the universe, are trainers who control Pokemons. Each Pokemon has a unique power and ability across fire, water, electricity and more. Some can even hypnotize. These characters resemble real-world animals like Growlithe (dog) and Pikachu (rabbit) and others.

Tim wanted to be a Pokemon trainer as a young boy. That dream comes true as Pikachu and Tim both discover that they can listen to and understand to each other. This Pokemon has no intention of remaining a pet, but turns into a detective’s partner!

Will the boys end up finding the missing detective? Find out in theatres today.


High expectations

Pokemon Go games have captured the youth and their imagination, turning into a fan frenzy. This first live action movie is looking to expand the brand, bringing in non-gamers and younger audiences to enjoy the franchise. Until now, Pokemon games have been popular with teens and pre-teens, but now the youngest of Generation Z will join the bandwagon as well.

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