Crazy cat lady? Wrong! Cat lovers are smart

Not too long back, a crazy cat lady was a tag given to that single woman perceived to be lonely, and has chosen the pet to replace human affections. It is an old wives’ tale concocted by women who might be envious of the cat lady wonderful and single lifestyle!

Smarts, not crazies

The crazy part of cat lady has been dispelled by research. Intelligent and educated people own cats. Unlike dogs, cat ownership allows pet owners the independence of choosing a workaholic lifestyle. Cats are perfect pets for those who spend long hours at work, says a research by University of Bristol.

People with high-end college degrees are cat owners, as opposed to those with dogs. Cat owners also ranked higher on IQ than dog owners, in a study indicating that they are indeed the ‘smarter’ choice.

Cat people are cooler

Why are smarter people choosing cats over dogs? It is a personality thing. According to a professor from Carroll University, there are two sections called the cat people and dog people. Each of them have distinct personalities. The ones who choose to have cats as friends tend to be intelligent, introverted and open-minded non-conformists who prefer the cool relationship they have with their feline friends. Those who prefer indoors tend to have cats, while the exuberant dog owners are the ones who prefer outdoors like their chosen friends.

The Mr Cat Right

The dream man of most girls is tall, dark and handsome and has a very cool large dog by his side. Having a pet around makes a chap more dateable and increases the sex appeal. In fact, most single people upload their dating sites photographs while posing with their pet.

While a dog owner is more dateable, research says that women tend to fall hard for cat lovers. Cat lovers are perceived to be more sensitive and women who are looking for men with such traits and a long-term relationship click on cats.

The adult relationship

Dog owners admit that the most wonderful thing about their pet, is that it’s like having a child who never grows up. They cherish the child-parent relationship and savour it. Cat owners are subjected to a bond which is much different.

Cats take care of themselves and while they do require love and attention they are not completely dependent. Cats walk themselves and are also less likely to get lost. They also tend to devise their own activities like exploring a place by themselves and keep themselves busy, giving themselves ‘me’ time. It means the pet owners also get the extra ‘me’ time. Cat owners are less of the anxious parents, and enjoy the grown-up relationship turning it into a true companionship.

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