‘Chennai’s Birdman’ feeds 6000 birds daily since years

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From 2000 birds in 2015 to 6000 birds today, a man in Chennai feeds birds on his rooftop in Chennai, every single day. He spends Rs.2436 every day to buy 75kgs of rice for the birds. Since 25 years, Joseph hasn’t missed a single day to feed the birds.

He Feeds 6,000 Birds Every Day

Earlier this morning, I received an email from someone telling me about a man named Joseph, who feeds 6,000 birds every single day on his rooftop in Chennai, India.As we are heading to Chennai to conclude our 10-day India road trip, our first stop upon arrival was Joseph's house, where I made this spontaneous video about his life story.In 2004, the state of Tamil Nadu was crushed by a massive tsunami which killed 230,000 people in total. In the aftermath of this natural disaster, a few parakeets showed up on Joseph's rooftop. He would feed them white rice, and they would keep coming back every day. Word spread quickly among the bird community, and now thousands show up every morning & evening to get fed. Joseph pays $35 USD out of pocket every day to buy 75 kilograms of rice, which he carefully lays out in small piles for the birds to eat. He hasn't missed a day in 15 years. Now that's what I call dedication!This man truly has a heart of gold. I can only imagine how many more parakeets will be there the next time I stop by :)Follow Drew Binsky for daily travel videos. Instagram @drewbinsky. Thanks Michael (IG @affinityadventure) for the edits.

Posted by Drew Binsky on Tuesday, 15 January 2019


A Camera Mechanic

Chennai’s Birdman, as Joseph is called by locals is a camera mechanic. His terrace is a rented apartment which is now a dining hall for thousands of birds, especially parrots who visit his rooftop twice during the day. He arranges wooden planks and places it on the terrace,  on which he places rice in small chunks for the birds to eat plentifully. “We won’t take the money we earn with us after we die. This is just a way of serving to the birds. Feeding these birds give me spiritual satisfaction. This is part of my daily routine and won’t miss a single day”, Joseph told NDTV. The parrots or other birds come in groups, while one group eats the other group waits for them to finish.

Tsunami welcomed Parrots

The 9.3 magnitude earthquake of 2004 along with a tsunami destroyed the state of TamilNadu drastically. It killed more than 230000 thousands of people in TamilNadu and 131 in Chennai. Many properties were destroyed and people were left stranded on the streets. In the aftermath of the disaster, Joseph lived in a rented apartment. Some parrots used to visit Joseph every day without fail. He fed the few and then the parrots multiplied. The parrots then visited his house daily and Joseph never stopped feeding them.

“This man truly has a heart of gold. I can only imagine how many parrots will be there the next time I come to India”, Drew Binsky narrates on his Facebook video post while he journeyed for a 10-day road trip in India.

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