Cats with tails cut, and mutilated bodies at Virar’s house of horrors

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Three women from Mumbai’s suburbs in Virar have been booked for ill treating their pets. As many as 12 dogs and cats were found in the flat, along with two dead pets. The animals were living in extremely unsanitary conditions, with poop all around. The story came to light after the house owner checked in, as the neighbours complained of incessant barking, and filthy smell.

Witches, are they?

The mother  Shahnaz Jani and her daughter Farah and Ayesha are not yet arrested. In addition to ill treatment, the ladies could also be booked for practising black magic. The neighbours have been suspicious of the women as dead bodies of a dog and two pups were found in the flat.

“The neighbours have long since been complaining of foul smell emanating from their garbage. A cat with its tail cut off was discovered. The dead animals have also been found in mutilated condition,” said Amit Shah, an activist with Mumbai Animal Association (MAA), and is working on the case.

Tests underway 

The ladies had not allowed the garbage to be checked, in spite of complaints that it smelled like dead animals. And, this has been the case for many months now. “The truth will come out once it is tested by the police. There have been complaints that smoke has been emanating from the flat. But we do not know for sure if they were involved in black magic,” said Shah.

The horrified house owner who saw the state of her flat and the pets, had notified the police. She had been receiving complaints that the ladies barely walk their dogs which result in excessive howling through the day, inconveniencing them.

A video of footage from his house was discovered by, via user shared content. It shows a large number of cats and dogs around the flat.



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