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Rulebook for Wildlife Enthusiasts!

Eco-Tourism is booming with the help of a wide range of digital cameras and mobile cameras equipped with a mega-zoom ...
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Stringent laws on stray feeding; Need of the hour?

The government provides its four-legged with many laws. The most important of them is provenance where no stray dog or ...
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Animal cruelty now under agricultural ministry

The Central government shifted the responsibility and control of animal cruelty, to agricultural ministry. This also includes administrative responsibility of ...
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Bird Feeding to resume against Government notice

On 2nd April, residential activists of Vasai-Virar and Andheri West rose complaints against the government ban on feeding birds and ...
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Birds for sale in cramped cages

This Sunday, 550 endangered Indian birds including the Asian Koel, Hill Myna and Parakeets were rescued during a raid at ...
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You’ll like to move it, move it Lemur-style

Have you ever thought about doing an inverted dog pose while watching a lemur is doing his own belly warming ...
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Dog rape, dog rape Chennai. Dog rape cases india

Stricter laws needed for dog rapists

In India, men are men and dogs are scared. Every second year, a case so brutal comes to light that ...
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Don’t sell endangered species in pet shops: HC

The Bombay High Court has directed the government to take care of protected animal species. According to the court, pet ...
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Life of Linus: how he made me walk, run and happy

Two years ago, a little more than a furry face, wag and a cold nose entered my life. Not for ...
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Vet medicine is moving at an incredible pace

Just a few short weeks ago, I was sitting in the fabulous Marina Bay Sands Conference Centre, central Singapore, watching ...
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