Blind dog will fly with Lufthansa to her forever home in Dulles

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A visually impaired female dog was found on the streets of Ghatkopar, Mumbai. However, she has now found her forever home in the US and will fly with Lufthansa to Dulles, North Virginia to live with her new family.

The first encounter

The dog named Meher was born blind and was spotted by animal rights activist Vinita Kalgutkar at the Bombay Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BSPCA), Parel. “I noticed the pup wouldn’t lift her head up. When I picked her up, I realized she was blind. So we decided to do something for her. Find a forever home for her,” Vinita Kalgutkar told Times of India.

When she returned back to BSPCA, the volunteers told her that Meher was left back at Ghatkopar by an animal ambulance from where she had been picked for treatment. After writing to the BSPCA Trustees and reporting the issue, she had been found. She was then cared for by Priti Bist, an animal lover who lives in Mulund.

Power of Social Media

The activists constantly posted videos and photos of Meher on Instagram, managing life all alone with the sense of smell. Even though she found no avail in Mumbai, she did succeed in finding a forever home for Meher internationally.

An American couple named Pete and Jill Petrilli watched the videos and assured the activists that they would be a perfect family to Meher. To check up on the same, Kalgutkar got in touch with a US-based Animal Adoption & Care volunteer Ashraf Hussain. Hussain then met the family in Dulles. He then reported back, saying the family was the best Meher could ever get.

Post which, Furry Flyers, a pet relocation service made the arrangements for her transport and the finances were raised through crowdfunding, reported TOI.

“A pet that was a special one and lived through the sense of smell will now fly to Dulles, North Virginia by Lufthansa. She will live a new beginning with her new family in a new country. It is heartening to see such a thing happening”, Vinayak Prabhu of Furry tails told TOI.

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