Animal cruelty now under agricultural ministry

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The Central government shifted the responsibility and control of animal cruelty, to agricultural ministry. This also includes administrative responsibility of cow shelters. Earlier, animal welfare issues came under the Environment Ministry. This move, the government said, will provide much needed administrative convenience.

This notification came into effect in the first week of April. The government said that the ministry of agriculture has been dealing with livestock, cattle utilization and other related issues. Hence, it will be able to extend this expertise to the prevention of animal cruelty as well.

Meat versus pets

The laws on the prevention of animal have long been criticized for being antiquated. This move, according to experts, will create a much bigger chasm in the actual implementation. The agriculture ministry looks at animals and livestock as food and meat, and their perspective might be different from the protection of animals and a conservation perspective, which is closer to the environment ministry.

The environment ministry, experts believe, can help bring in a wholesome view of flora and fauna protection. This is key to build a sustainable ecology where animals are a part of.

The number of cases of abuse against animals is on the rise, across the country. Many stray dogs and cats have turned victims of killing, strangling and rape. For years, animal activists have been seeking stricter laws. Now, they are worried that these administrative changes might dilute the implementation of the existing laws as well.

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