A Dog’s Journey: Watch with no regrets

The screening of A Dog’s Journey held at Sunny Super Sound, Juhu, Mumbai on the 12th May witnessed giggles and tears at the same time. The event began at 3 pm hosted by Reliance Entertainment and NewsOnPets as their media partners. Popular faces like Rajeev Masand and family were present for the screening.

An approximate of 35-40 faces from the pet industry that included pet parents, pet trainers and pet lovers were present. The one and a half hour journey of Bailey was an emotional and relatable joyride. Many pet parents present said that they could connect to the movie as if their own pet was on screen.

The Indian concept of reincarnation and new life in a Hollywood film was well appreciated by its viewers. Bailey’s journey in different forms was rightly sequenced along with clean and amazing cinematography. The choice of dog breeds and their habits too were rightfully portrayed. While Bailey was everyone’s favourite character in the film, Ethan (Dennis Quaid) was a favourite too. Josh Gad in the voice of Bailey on the other hand beautifully and with correct emotions at the right time set the tone for his audience. The other star cast in the film were fitted right for the roles they were allotted and the settings along with the music left everyone appreciating the film.

Kids present for the movie said they wanted a pet dog and would urge their parents to do the same, while other moviegoers acknowledged and were lucky to have pets at home. All in all the screening was a success and everyone who came in left with no regrets.

Lara Dutta, who was to show up for the screening, unfortunately, couldn’t make it. However, a post with her pet dog sitting royally on a couch with the tag @adogsjourney was spotted on Instagram.

Also, Henry Lau, who plays Trent in the film took his Twitter account to tweet about the film. Lau was attracted to the powerful themes within the movie. “A Dog’s Journey is a film that talks about love in basically every sense, which includes, “love for your pets, love for your family, love for your loved ones,” Henry told KTLA 5 Morning News.

Marg Helgenberger who plays Hannah in the film tweeted an image of her and Dennis Quaid all decked up for the premiere of the film.  American actress Alyssa Milano said “Just saw the trailer of A Dog’s Journey and now I’m ugly crying with snot running down my face,” in her tweet.




A Dog’s Journey directed by Gail Mancuso releases 17th May worldwide and post the screening, one can definitely say it is a ‘Must Watch Film’.



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