A Dog’s Journey: A purposeful watch

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“A Dog’s Journey,” the sequel to “A Dog’s Purpose” (2017),  is all about a dog who on a mission to project CJ (Kathryn Prescott) through her struggles and joys all through her journey. “I loved the fact that the movie itself has an Indian philosophy of reincarnation of life”, said Ruksh Chatterjee, Digital Transformation Head, IIFL Investments.

Based on the novel written by W. Bruce Cameron and directed by Gail Mancuso, the plot and the cinematography is a picturesque screen grab. The voice of Bailey by Josh Gad set the tone for the movie and rightly portrayed Bailey’s emotions bringing smiles and tears amongst the viewers.

The Plot

The movie begins with a green farm of Michigan that never ended. Ethan (Dennis Quaid), the farmer is Bailey’s boss dog. Bailey who is a St. Bernard/Australian shepherd mix runs over the fields calling himself the luckiest dog in the voice of Josh Gad. Gloria, (Betty Gilpin) a single mother, frustrated and sad about her husband’s death is shown as a selfish and a mother who is drunk on wine most of the times. As an antagonist, she takes CJ away from her grandparents and Bailey, to live alone in New York. Ethan then knew it was time when he had to put Bailey to sleep. “Bailey, Bailey, Bailey! You have to take care of CJ wherever she is. I Love You, Boss Dog”

Cut to the scene when baby CJ was older and was introduced to Molly, a female Beagle/Cavalier King Charles spaniel mix who is, possessed by the spirit of Bailey. Molly sticks around through stormy nights and Gloria enjoying dates while her daughter was left all alone. Molly survived right until CJ was a grown-up teenager practising and rehearsing to be a singer and songwriter someday, however stage fright held her back. He was even there when CJ’s love life was depicted with hookups, breakups and being locked in a prisoned cage for no fault of theirs. Eventually, dies in an accident.


The new incarnation of Max adopted by CJ on knowing he would be euthanized was the final one. Max on his mission to get Trent aka Henry Lau and CJ together left CJ homeless in the city of New York, until Trent offered a room in his house. Molly during his life could sense cancer and Max in this life sensed it in Henry Lau aka Trent, thus bringing a cure.

The climax where CJ was taken back to the farms of Michigan to Hannah and Ethan by Trent and Bailey united with Ethan was a perfect end. “The boss dog”, Ethan called, “Barked Max”. The end shows Max jumping over Ethan’s back to fetch the ball just like Bailey did. “Loving people was my purpose and being here with Ethan my reward”, Max with the spirit of Bailey bid goodbye to life and the movie.

Viewers Thoughts

All those who watched the film left with no regrets. The message of what joy that a pet can bring in your life was loved by all. “The movie makes you appreciate the need for a pet in your life. I think it was very beautiful”, Rajeev Masand, Indian Film Critic told NewsOnPets. Apart from adults, kids too loved the film. “I loved the movie very much. After this movie I would like to have a pet dog at home and play with him just like Ethan and Bailey, Joel George, a young film viewer told NewsOnPets.

The favourite character of everyone who watched the film was definitely Bailey, however, few believed Ethan (Dennis Quaid) plays his character well. On the other hand, Henry Lau stole away many hearts and being his debut into Hollywood, impressed viewers through his acting.

Love is a Lazy Storytelling

“A Dog’s Journey plays on one of the rawest nerves humans have: the one triggered by our bond with dogs. The love we share with our canine companions is one of the simplest emotions there is, and to build an entire film around manipulating that love is lazy storytelling. If you want to cry at the movies, ‘A Dog’s Journey’ will achieve that”, Kristen Page-Kirby, a freelance writer told Washington Post

Many pet parents who watched the film connected Bailey with their pooches and could relate the happiness and smiles their pooch brings in their life. The film now finds many posts by pet parents of different dog breeds snapped with the caption ‘My Dog’s Journey’. “The film is melodramatic, however, works as a must-watch for anyone who has ever had a pet or loves dogs”, Bookmyshow review.


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