A Dog and its journey of purpose

What do we get when we look into the soul of a dog? The answer is love, love and more love. And, there is a story behind every love. A dog’s journey takes up after the ending of the first movie, A dog’s purpose. It’s the story of a boy called Ethan and a dog called Bailey who are soul mates. Even as the childhood dog dies, it reincarnates again and again and finds its way back to an adult Dennis Quaid and helps him find his life’s purpose and happiness.


A dog’s journey starts with a happy Ethan now living with his childhood love that Bailey helped unite him with. And, what’s more, they have an adorable grand daughter whom the three of them dote on. All is well until the girl’s evil mother comes in and takes away. The mother also shuts the loving grandparents away from the girl’s life. Bailey who is now old and ready to move on, has another purpose. Before dying he promises Ethan to bring the girl back to them, and reincarnates to join the girl, now facing a lonely life.

When the mother refuses to let Ethan and wife meet the girl during a visit, Ethan notices that Bailey is back! And, he leaves happily now knowing that his soul mate is protecting and caring for her baby girl. Can Bailey do what he promised? Can he bring the girl back to the loving grandparents? Or, will circumstances and evil prevent him? To get an answer to all these questions, watch A dog’s journey which will release on May 17, 2019. This summer promises to be full of love and miracles.

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Katya Naidu was a former business journalist who changed tracks to chug along her real passion, pets and parenting.

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