A DIY toothbrush to cure dog dental problems

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Brushing a dog’s teeth would help his teeth remain strong and would prevent swelling gums and other dental diseases. Bristly brushing teeth is a first-ever toothbrush for dogs that helps improve oral hygiene and eliminates the need for a dental cleaning.

Dogs need their teeth brushed at least thrice a week. Their gums are healthy and unlike humans, they do not need daily brushing. However, making it a routine will cause no harm. This would help prevent bad breath and gum disease also known as periodontal disease.

What is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease is a common clinical condition which is diagnosed in adult dogs. It is an inflammation of a tooth’s deep supporting structures.

The food particles and the bacteria get accumulated within a dog’s gum line. If it’s stuck there for long, it can form a plaque, which is developed when combined with saliva and other minerals. This is then transformed into calculus. What the dog suffers next is gum irritation and thereafter leads to gingivitis, an inflammatory condition.

“At the age of 3 years, many dogs have witnessed some kind of periodontal disease. If not treated well, the situation can worsen and cause oral cavities, thus damaging internal organs. Also, poor nutrition contributes to the onset of the condition”, reports PETMD.

Bristly, a toothbrush for your pet

Bristly toothbrush is a playful toy which helps cure dental problems. The toothbrush comes in four sizes which is small, medium, large and extreme chewer based on your dog’s age and weight. The toothbrush is made from natural rubber. It also has an internal self-dispensing toothpaste reservoir with bristle-lined grooves that helps brush the dog’s teeth down to the gum line. The bristles are flavoured and it also has an easy to hold paw pads.

“Bristly is the ultimate dog dental chew toy. It functions as a DIY (Do It Yourself) toothbrush for dogs, allowing them to take control of their own dental health as they bite & play”, states the brand on their website. The product pricing starts from 19.99$. To get one for your pooch, visit the website.




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