63 rescued pets find forever homes

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63 pets found their forever families through yet another successful adoption camp held on 23rd June at Khar by Save the Paws with The Anubis- Tiger Foundation. There were 105 rescued pets that were out for adoption and more than 50% were taken home.

Posted by Save The Paws on Saturday, 22 June 2019

Rescuing and Rehabilitating Homeless Pets

Save the Paws along with The Anubis- Tiger Foundation is non-profit organizations that help in rescuing and rehabilitating homeless and abandoned pets.  Every month they carry out adoption camps and reach out to as many pet parents as possible. The adoption camp held yesterday had 105 dogs and cats that were out for adoption. In comparison to all the adoption camps held earlier, this time the number of adoption broke all records. 63 four-legged pooches and kitties were taken home.  While 8-9 were pooches of different breeds, the rest were Indies. All the four-legged that were out for adoption were given anti-rabies vaccination and had no casualties or disabilities. Within the four walls of the camp, the pooches were provided with healthy food and clean drinking water at all times.

Bringing a Change

NewsOnPets, Dodo, Rescued Pets, Save The Paws

Picture Courtesy: Save The Paws

“As an organizer and a founder of Save the Paws, it’s extremely overwhelming to see so many people come together and support the cause. We strongly believe in rescue and rehabilitation and adoption camps are a small way to promote this. It’s also nice to see families slowly opening their hearts and homes to indie babies and rescued dogs rather than buying them. We are seeing a change in the outlook it’s gradually reaching people to promote #adoptdontshop”, Poonam Malhotra Gidwani, founder of Save the Paws told NewsOnPets. The rescuers, who bring in the pets, take the ones who aren’t adopted and foster them until they find a home to live in.

A Celebrity Talk

Support the causeHelp us spread the word!!!Join hands with Save The Paws this 23rd and help as many as kids find their forever home.Thank you Shaan for supporting the cause.Thank you Saahil so grateful…#adoptioncamp #savethepaws #pawsforacause #adoptanindie #adoptareacue #loveunconditionally #petlovers #mumbai #dogstagram #dogsofintagram#adoptdontshop.

Posted by Save The Paws on Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Many celebrities like Ravi Dubey, Sumona Chakravarti, Shantanu Mukherjee is often known as Shaan, Kiku Sharda, Rajkumar Rao and many others who promoted and supported the idea of  #adoptdontshop.  Pet parents were present from across the city were present for the event. “It was an overwhelming experience to see so many Indies being adopted and getting the same respect as the pedigree dogs. There were almost 60 plus adoptions that took place in the hall. It was beautiful to see the community grow”, Darshankaur Khalsa, founder of Waggy Zone Dog IceCreams told NewsOnPets.  According to Save the Paws, the next adoption camp would be held in July 2019.





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