2 stray feeders harassed and threatened in Mumbai

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Stray feeders are often harassed for their care and concerns towards homeless animals. Two incidents in the past month left each stray feeder questioning, “Where did we go wrong?”

One of which was Danielle Singh who was sexually harassed and beaten by a drunken man two weeks ago, while she fed the strays in Vikhroli t and the other incident was of Archana Yadav who is often threatened by residents in Titwala that they would kill the puppies if she continued stray feeding them.

Women harassed for Stray Feeding

Danielle was feeding her strays as she does often. A drunk man, identified as Sanjay Dhuri, an employee of a private bank got into an argument with Danielle and accused her of feeding strays. The argument then heated up when the accused passed a dirty comment on her mother. Danielle later slapped him. Dhuri, in return, slapped her back, touched her inappropriately and sexually harassed her. He tore her nightdress and began to use filthy words against her,” Danielle Singh told Mumbai Mirror.  The incident occurred at around 1:00 am, a week ag while she fed her strays. After hearing the argument, people from the vicinity interfered and helped Danielle. A police car was passing by and intervened. “Though it is against the rules to bring women into the police station past midnight, the victim insisted to come over to the station. Another woman who was a witness to the event also came with her. Complaint against Dhuri has been registered,” Vikhroli police officials told Mumbai Mirror. “He’s been harassing us for 2 years whilst the local police stayed Mum …Let this man get punished so that no one ever thinks of demeaning the modesty of a woman. He has supporters from political parties in plenty to defend him.

An FIR was raised by Danielle, however, the police have favoured the criminal and a cross-complaint has been raised against Danielle for hitting the accused with a vessel she fed the strays with and slapping him. “Just imagine drunk criminals have support defending them whilst the poor hungry dogs bear the brunt,” Danielle wrote on her Facebook post urging for justice against the drunk man. She says that she faces such incidents regularly, however barely receive any help from the police.

3 pups mercilessly killed in Titwala                          

Archana an animal lover feeds stray dogs at Titwala regularly. Archana, as usual, went to feed her street kids. She saw 3 pups lying in the street gasping for breath and crying. They were beaten by a man identified as Sombeer. The resident of Noor chawl in Titwala came up with the stick and beat the pups up for approx 30 minutes. On noticing the dog condition which was very serious, she rushed the pups by train to HELP Animals & Birds Association Hospital at Masjid Bunder for treatment all alone.  Post medical check, it was found the pups had brain hamarage, fits, broken bones all over. Yadav told TOI, “On Tuesday I fed the puppies who were playing when I left for work. I found all three injured when I came back. The puppies succumbed to the injuries and died during the week, the last one on Sunday, Yadav told TOI. Archana says that some residents even threatened to kill the stray dogs if she continued feeding them.

Puppy, NewsOnPets

Puppy, NewsOnPets

Later in the evening, Archana rushed to the Titwala police station. However, the police did not accept the complaint.  Even though many around witnessed the incident, however, no one took a stand. “She has been running up and down with the kid’s dead body day and night to file a police complaint against the criminal. Police are not taking her to complain and she has been carrying the dead body of the kids for post mortem,” said Ajay Sharma of Empathy Project.

Animal activists around Mumbai along with Archana are fighting for justice against Sombeer and so that local police file a case against such a crime. While others on social media help Danie to receive justice against criminals who harass her for her good deed.

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