3 pets reported dead as Boeing 737-800 slid into St. Johns River, Jacksonville

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Last week, a military-chartered plane Miami Air International Boeing 737-800, crashed off the runway into St. Johns River in NAS Jacksonville at around 9:40 a.m. 143 people were on board, however, no human deaths reported. Sadly three pets, one dog and two cats aboard couldn’t survive the crash and were found dead.

“The bodies of a dog and two cats were recovered at the Jacksonville Naval Air Station, where the crash landing occurred, confirmed Sunday. An owner safely removed one animal that travelled in the cabin,” reports USA today.

“Those who were involved in this sad tasking performed the recovery in the most dignified way possible with the base veterinarian on site to ensure all protocols were followed. The animals will be cremated through a local company. Every possible avenue to rescue these animals was pursued following the incident,” the station posted on Facebook.

Before departure from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, four pets checked into the plane. They were kept in the luggage department which is situated at the bottom of the plane. The chartered plane isn’t completely underwater; however, the bottom portion has sunk in completely leading to the death of three pets.

“The status of the pets became the “second priority” for initial responders after it was determined all passengers were safe. They looked in the cargo bay and did not hear any animal noises or see any crates. So at that point, as well as for their own safety and not knowing if the aircraft could potentially sink and risk their lives, they backed out. Later in the night had first responders do a second assessment in search of pets, but again they did not see any pet carriers above the water. Obviously, we do not have confirmation, but we are continuing to do what we can to positively determine the status of the pets. It’s a very, obviously, rough situation. My sympathy and my heart really go out to those families,” Capt. Michael Connor, commanding officer for the Naval Air Station Jacksonville told USA today.

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