In Remembrance: Canine Wonders That Traversed Space

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A marvellous breakthrough that took place almost 60 years ago was launching canine in space.

When the world was contemplating space travel and many ground-breaking advancements were taking place, the Russians actioned the dream by launching Laika in a satellite capsule on November 3, 1957. But according to sources Laika wasn’t the only dog launched in space. There was Dezik, Lisa, Belka and Strelka who toured the outer reaches of Earth before the manned missions of 1969.

Also there was a Bobik, who was to be a canine space traveller before Laika. His spaceflight was scheduled in 1951 but he ran away just a few days before the space vessel actually took off. Zib, replaced Bobik and was sent to space in September 1951. Coincidentally and surprisingly, the name Zib is “substitute for missing Bobik”.

That being said, we at News On Pets pay a tribute and our heart-felt respect to these brave four-legged creatures who were chosen for these pioneering adventures into the dark oblivion of outer space.

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