How to Name Your Pets?

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What happens if you don’t name your beagle or don’t know how to call out to your pet while playing fetch? Or end up not feeding your parrot unless you call out his name? Tricky? It most certainly is.

 Your pet may be an adopted Indie or a Shih Tzu, a tortoise or a Tarantula, but the point is it needs a name. Now, how should you name your pet? A good question indeed and quite an intriguing one at that but not a difficult one to answer.

Below are a few tips on how you can select names for your pets:

1. The Consonant Game
 K, T, M, and S are easy to get your dog’s attention. So, something like a Kady, Taffy, Maayraa, and Sammy will be easy names to call out.

2. Short and Simple 
Pets especially dogs respond quickly to short names. Hence names such as Honey, Sadie, Flash or Max are simple and faster to get your dog’s attention. 

3. Study Your Pet’s Behaviour
 This goes a long way in deciding on an appropriate name for your pet dog, cat or tortoise. Take some time and observe your pet’s behavior in terms of response time and reaction to certain triggers such as thunder and lightning, the sight of a meal, or owner, etc.

 If your pet dog seems excited on seeing you then a name as plain as Happy or Cheery will apply. If your pet cat rolls and purrs in between your feet too much then you could call her ‘Cuddles’.

4. Fictional Characters
 This is the easiest way to name your pet. Argos, Fang, Pongo, and Clifford are some of the fictional names that are popular and easy to remember. If you think that your tortoise is as serious as he or she looks, then you could name it Mr. Holmes or Miss. Maple, respectively, depending on gender.

Several websites can help you pick the right name for your pet. Remember by naming your pet you are crossing on to the next step of establishing a special bond with your feline friend, a furry pal or a reptilian roommate. Hence choose well!

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