Homage To The Tusks That Lost Their Lives

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We build memorials for those whom we cherish and love dearly. Wildlife SOS takes this opportunity and unveils India’s first elephant memorial in Mathura. It has been built to pay respect to all the elephants that lost their lives to cruelty, abuse and ill-legal trafficking.

According to the reports from NDTV, this memorial was inaugurated on Friday, November 8.It is approximately 20 miles from the famous tourist hotspot, The Taj Mahal.

The memorial highlights the lives of five elephants that suffered and died due to severe abuse. The memorial is symbol of hope to prevent the existing numbers of elephants from undergoing a similar fate.

These majestic beings are used during tourist excursions and as props in circuses. Due to such incidents they suffer intense trauma and torture.

Speaking to ScoopWhoop, one of the officials from Wildlife SOS explains the motive behind the memorial

“We hope this memorial is a constant reminder that elephants belong in the wild and they must be protected and conserved there. No wild animal deserves a life of brutality such as that suffered by captive elephants in India.”

With this initiative started by Wildlife SOS, we hope that elephants are allowed to move freely rather than being caged and abused.


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