German Circus, Roncalli Uses 3D Hologram Animals for Entertainment

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Image Courtesy: Optoma UK

Circus Roncalli in Germany is the first-ever circus in the world to makes use of 3D holograms and other means of projection for their animal shows. They have shifted their focus to futurism rather than the traditional method of using real animals to perform for their shows and the experience has termed to be magical.


Cruelty-Free Animal Show

The German entertainment company, Circus Roncalli, was founded in1976 and has been entertaining its audience with unique animal shows since then. However, owing to the rising concern of animal abuse and cruelty, they have decided to move away from the mainstream method of entertainment and have swapped hologram images with real animals on stage.

According to a video posted by Optoma, a company which made the hologram projectors for Roncalli, “the hologram images of horses swiped in from the left and moved in a circular direction around the circus ring. After which, a huge gigantic golden yellow fish zooms in floating in the air. The next is the switch to an elephant which performs tricks like a handstand. The beauty of the entire show, as posted on the video is that every element was so realistic that viewers, who watched it, felt nostalgic and were taken back to the shows performed by real animals in the 1970s and 90s.


“The new circus leads us into a new age. Unfortunately, the old circus has gotten a bit dusty, but through hologram projections, the beauty of circuses can remain alive”, Max Schautzer, German radio and television presenter said in the Optoma video. Other celebrities who spoke said that the show has used a unique way to project animals without harming or exploiting animals in reality, and was amazed by the idea. “I find the hologram very contemporary, especially for the fact that there are no real animals involved,” said Katja Burkard., a moderator. Others said that it would have been impossible to imagine these acts back in the old days and they have been perfectly transformed to the new technological world.  The concept has received a positive response from many around the world and on social media. Many users commented saying, it was better to watch the 3D images rather than real ones.









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