Dog school idea yet to take off in Mumbai

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Mumbai pet parents are not warming up to the idea of dog schools, not yet at least. According to research conducted by NewsOnPets, only half of the respondents said that they are willing to send their dogs to school.

While many pet parents think a dog care centre would be a good option, others believe that daycare centres wouldn’t care for their dog, like family.

What are dog schools?

Daycare centres for pets or dog schools are institutions that provide supervision when pet owners are at work. Dog schools provide services like dog walking, dog training and daycare. It also provides dogs with a chance to mingle with other pooches, and play.

Almost half of the pet parents interviewed said that such an idea would be beneficial only if they had extensive information on the centre. They would consider the option only after thorough research, reviews and personally visiting it.

“I would prefer keeping Nike in a dog school where he could mingle with other breeds and also learn new things
and also keeping them with a company would be better as they would feel alone when left at home. It’s always beneficial as they learn new things and also learns to socialize among other people which helps while guests are around home.”

“Trust is a major factor with regards to a dog school. I would first look through the school and get some feedback and then only send to such a school,” Jerry Devassy, a pet parent told NewsOnPets.

Why not?

The other half % refrained from the concept for various reasons. While many believed that every breed has different characteristics and behavioural traits, and a dog school wouldn’t be able to cater to all, at every time.

“Every dog needs the freedom of space to do anything and everything they want to. A daycare centre wouldn’t give my pooch so much freedom. Some may even be locked to their leashes and made to stay in one place. He might not receive the same kind of attention and love as there are many dogs out there. So a definite no for me,” said Leonard Bhattacharya.

Bad experiences

Some pet parents had a bad experience at the daycare centres. They believed that special attention wasn’t given to their pets and not even cared for well.

 “In the past, we had left my pooch at the pet boarding school. My dog lost weight even though we had provided the caretakers with food for him. Moreover, his behaviour too was different, and definitely not for good! He was scared and frightened. Now, whenever we take him to a new place, he is afraid we will leave him and get back and that’s what scares him,” said Joshua Pereira, a pet parent from Mumbai.

Many pet parents also spoke of a trust factor. “Every dog is brought up in a different way. Some dogs are left alone since they were pups and are used to this.  We never left Sweety, my pet dog alone. She gets restless when we are away. And, she is 15 years old now. So I wouldn’t prefer a dog school as she needs different care,” says Denver Rodrigues.



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