Wagr digitises Pet Parenting!

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Given that the festive season is around the corner, this might ease the paranoia of most pet parents. Wagr is a newly built GPS and fitness tracker for dogs. It has been innovated and conceptualized by the team at Mobiusworks. Advaith Mohan, Ajith Kochery, and Siddharth Darbha along with a team of pet parents, veterinarians, and tech engineers have created and formulated this product. After two years of research, design, and development, Wagr has collaborated with Fueladream to officially launch in the Indian market.

newsonpets, pet news, love, wagr, tech, tech geek, technology, fitness, tracker, app, device

Wagr Team

The GPS and fitness tracker helps to track the dog in real-time. It has been incorporated with a GPS accuracy of up to a radius of 5m. Additionally, there are alarms and safety alerts integrated to alert in the event of a dangerous mishap. Similar to a human smartwatch, there can be activity goals set to regulate a fitness regime. Wagr claims that this is one of the essential parts of the tracker as it contributes and benefits the health of the dog.
Wagr helps the dog parent keep a check on dog walks and trace their moves. For those who own more than one pet dog, Wagr also has the facility to display movements of multiple dogs at once. Thus ensuring that the pets are safe.
The smart device comes with a 4 days battery life, waterproof & dustproof features. It can be adjusted to fit any and every kind of breed. The GPS and fitness tracker is also lightweight which doesn’t burden the dog.

 It is available for purchase here.

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