Dog and Human Pool, first in India

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Summer Heat calls for a swim in the pool. While you enjoy the cool waters, your doggo can too. Pet Home Boarding has introduced a Human and Dog pool. On 26th May 2019, the boarding has hosted a pool party which is a first-ever l in India that would allow humans and dogs together.

Pet Luxury   

Pet Home Boarding is located in Chattarpur, South Delhi. The place is a 3 acres land of the lush green farmhouse with a human and dog pool. It is called to be a luxury pet resort and the pets are never tied with leashes on. The pets are kept cage-free. Other services include doggie daycare, dog training, and grooming. The pets even have their own bedrooms. The pets are kept in groups based on temperament, size and gender.

Pool Party

Posted by Pet Home Boarding on Thursday, 16 May 2019


The pool party will be hosted by Pet Home Boarding itself. Their aim is to promote the concept of human and dog pool where both could enjoy together. 100 humans with 30-40 will be present at the party, states Pet Boarding Home; however, the number can go up to 250 as well. The entry fee for every human guest is 350rs, however, it’s free for dogs. Every pooch would be treated by the sponsors Gharka Treats. The home welcomes humans without a pet as well.  Adding to the above is the Rain Dance along with the pool party where one would witness humans and dogs grooving together.

Chlorine-free Pool

With regards to the pool party, chlorine is harmful for pets and that’s where NewsOnPets enquired with Pet Home Boarding. I “When we add chlorine during cleaning we close the pool for a certain duration. After which it’s open for usage. The pool is. Hygenic and fit for dogs. At many places, we have seen water tanks built, called a dog splash pool which turns dirty after a certain time. Keeping in mind the dog splash pool, we came up with the unique concept of dog and human pool”, Pet Home Boarding told NewsOnPets.

You can visit the link to know more about the event.

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