Do You Think It Is Time for Your Dog to Undergo Training?

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Dog training is an important aspect of your life as a pet trainer if you own a dog. Owning a dog is one thing, but taking care of one means you must look after its health and happiness in every way possible.

Training your dog is essential because it keeps your pooch active and physically in shape. As a result, the dog learns to be obedient and is less of a nuisance to the owners.

As a dog parent, you should ideally start training your puppy from two months of age.

Below are the training techniques you can consider to coach your dog.

1. Clicker Training
The sound of the click is associated with a specific type of behaviour desired from the dog. Clicker training method can also be used to form new behaviours or familiarize the dog with verbal commands.

2. Look for Treats!
Hide your dog’s favourite sweets at different places in the house and instruct your dog to sniff them out. You could even try this technique in open areas such as a parking lot.

3. Canine Freestyle
Canine freestyle is a training method you can execute inside the house. It involves performing twists and turns, moving in between the owner’s legs, walking forward and backward so on and so forth.

4. Frisbee Routine
This is a vigorous exercise that lets your dog run the distance and catch the frisbee. This engages every part of the dog’s body including its vision to see the frisbee reach a certain distance and run behind it.

Be it any dog training method or technique, remember to check with your veterinarian if your dog is ready to undergo physical training. At the same time see to it that you are not engaging your dog in unwanted physical activity or simply put, causing stress.

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