Distressed Dogs on the London Underground

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Why are dogs being rushed onto the overcrowded Tube lines? They’re extremely overwhelmed and scared just like how we feel during rush hour.

animals, newsonpets, pet news, news, pets, animals online, love, share, London, global news, news, story

I know how it feels when it’s rush hour madness – claustrophobia and uneasiness! It’s ‘push and pull’ during the grind time. But why put our furry babies through it?

I was on the Tube during noon and I happened to spot a French bulldog scurrying around his/her owner’s feet. It was quite uncomfortable and helpless to sit and watch him/her struggle to sit down when he was surrounded by shoes moving around.

But have you ever wondered that maybe your furry family member is probably feeling exactly like you are, on that Tube, when you have to deal with a huge deal of human traffic.

animals, animals online, news, newsonpets, pet news, new, share, global, London, news

So here are some tips to share and reduce your pet’s anxiety and stress whilst being on the Tube: 

  • Carry & Cradle: If your furry friend is a small breed, cradle him/her when you are on the Tube. It can be extremely scary to find your space and way in a crowded underground tube station
  • Sit & Seat: Grab that empty seat once you’ve got your eye on it. If your furry friend is a small pedigree, own it! Have him/her be placed on your lap as you are seated as he/she can feel secure as the human traffic pours in on the Tube.
  • Tick Tock: Timing is everything! If you are a frequent and avid user of public transport, you must know the timings of rush hour wrapped around your head.Try to accommodate the timing to suit your loved one. “Time” to put him/her first!

For further inquiries about rules and regulations, you can go onto the Transport for London website to know more.

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