Chennai Teen Sensation, a Savior for Abandoned Animals!

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A teenager from Chennai is the knight in shining armor for those who can’t voice their opinions and have nowhere to go. SaiVignesh has an independent space in Alapakkam, Chennai where he hosts and cares for 15 injured and abandoned dogs. The 18-year-old has rescued over 300 animals including dogs, cats, birds, and cows.

That’s not it, this young man has even vaccinated and sterilized over 900 dogs and provided a loving home for over 200 stray puppies and kittens.

In 2017, he set up the Almighty Animal Care Trust initiative, which supervised animal rescues in an orderly fashion with solicitous volunteers.

He is also an animal activist as he has has filed five legal complaints against animal abuse. Out of which, one was an FIR filed against a dog poisoning incident and a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) (which is still under progress) against abuse at a dog pound.

news on pets, pet news, animal news online, animal news, dog, pet abandonment,

Vignesh found solace in animals at a very young age, thanks to his family dog, Bhairava. After the death of his pet, he needed an outlet to help him deal with his suffering. That’s when he started feeding and caring for the stray dogs around his vicinity like his own. This then became one of his personal goals, to home and nurture those who need love and support.

When speaking to the Social Story, he said, “Everyone can help animals – you can do something simple like feeding them and keeping a bowl of water outside. You can also offer your compound as a shelter during extreme weather conditions. It doesn’t take a lot to care for animals”.

SaiVignesh is currently building one of the biggest animal shelters in Chennai with the help of local veterinary specialists.

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