Celebrate this ‘Raksha Bandhan’ with your pets!

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Raksha Bandhan, an Indian festival that marks the beautiful relationship between a brother and a sister. Traditionally, on this day a sister ties a ‘rakhi’ to the brother. Raksha means protection and so the sister ties the brother a rakhi  to ask for his protection and love for life.

Similarly, our four legged furry pooches also play a huge role in protecting us and our family. Many consider them as their very own siblings, especially only children. Pets selflessly love their owners and regardless of the situation, they stand by your side during your highs and lows. Well – isn’t it similar to the bond you share with your siblings? Gauree Pai, Founder of ‘Amaari Petwear’ believes so too!

She makes accessories for our beloved furry pals. Apart from the scarves that have been in high demand, she has introduced a new product into the market called ‘Amaari Rakhis’. These rakhis are meant for your pets. Unlike other rakhis, these could be tied around the neck rather than the limb of the pet.

“Generally, when we tie rakhis to our human brothers, they tend to loose off easily. The Amaari Rakhis can stay on all year round”, says Gauree Pai, founder of Amaari Petwear.

The rakhis are made of different fabrics that are safe for all dogs. There will not be any allergic reaction to the materials used. The size is no issue. The fabric band is long enough to tie around the pooch’s neck and leave the tassels hang loose around the collar.

The rakhi is priced at Rupees 400 per piece. It comes in five different designs, each of which is handmade.

Gauree Pai told NewsOnPets that each of the designs is indicative of a different flavour of the Indian culture.

NewsOnPets, petnews, Pets

“The rakhis are also shaped to resemble a carnation flower. The fabric used is cotton with a good khadi print on it. The colours reflect joy and celebration influenced by the tradition and culture of the states Rajasthan and Punjab, respectively.

NewsOnPets, pets, petnews

This was one of my most sought after designs to the extent that I ran out of it and had to reject new orders for it”, says Gauree Pai. The ultramarine blue flower stands out bright against the tropical multi-coloured print of the flower backdrop. The colours are perfect for the entire set of male “Bhai” (brother) doggies. Best suited against a light coloured fur.

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The third design represents the marigold flower which is used during most of the Hindu festivals. The saffron colour is synonymous to life, joy and new beginnings. It suits the fur of all breeds of dogs regardless of the colour. It can be worn by both male and female dogs. The fabric used is tussar silk!

NewsOnPets, pets, petnews

This design is also very popular. Both colours, light blue and pink are in pastel shades which evoke a feeling of warmth, love, protection and care”, says Gauree Pai. All of which are values representative of Raksha Bandhan. The fabric used is ‘brocade’ and the colour suits both male and female dogs.

NewsOnPets, pets, petnewsLast on the list is a pink design that can be worn around the necks of all the pretty female pups. The light and dark shades of the pink colour adds a blush look to your pet’s skin.

These rakhis are made of tussar fabric and  are very comfortable to wear and fit all neck sizes. It’s a bond of love which can be worn through the year and your pet won’t chew them off.

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