Cat’s Express: A Head Tilt Here and Flattening of the Ears There!

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For the most part of their being your feline pet may seem expressionless. But, as a cat parent if you pay close attention to what your cat child is trying to say, then the possibilities to gain insight into cat behaviour are endless.

1.The Head Tilt 
It has been observed that cats tend to tilt both ways. Right and left. If your cat has its head tilted to the right, then it does seem that your cat is resting. But if the head tilt is to the left then your furry feline pet may be fearful of something.

2.Tail Up and Tail Down
Tail up generally means that the cat is in a happy mood. But a tail down posture could mean that the cat may be feeling threatened or scared. 

3.Too Much Blinking 
An occasional blink may not be a concern but excessive blinking could be a sign of blepharospasm. Blepharospasm is an eye infection or eye injury.

Also watch out for dilated and constricted pupils that indicate surprise, tension or aggression.

4. Flat Ears, Forward or Turned Back
While flat ears generally go to say that your cat is feeling defensive, turned -back ears could mean that your cat is overstimulated or active. Your cat may also be wanting some time away from you or more aptly put some ‘me’ time.

These are a few top-of-the-mind signs that will help you to know your pet cat better. 

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