Cats Can Be a Man’s Best Friend Too!

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As part of the animal community, we are often asked this question, “Are you a cat person or a dog person?”. Majority of pet owners tend to believe that dogs are man’s best friend. But breaking this stereotype, cats are considered to be second most preferred pet animal. So why can’t they be our companions, just like dogs? Well! Cats too can be a man’s best friend and we’ll tell you why.

Meet Vinay Belani, Founder of Earth Remedy, a cat parent, an animal activist and an animal lover. He believes that his rescued kitty did not just touch his life; rather it also brought smiles on the faces of everyone around him. He narrates his experience to NewsOnPets, and this is how it goes. The story dates back to the year 2018, somewhere in mid-July, where he heard a kitten meow under his car. When he tried to pick her up, she was scared. Since it was pouring heavily outside, along with the help of his neighbour he brought her home with the intention to feed her and provide warmth and care until the rains go away. Little did he know, he was attached to the adorable pet within a few months.


He states that his parents weren’t welcoming to the idea of having a pet cat at his home initially. However, he just couldn’t let her go and so he adopted her. He named the feline ‘Scarlet’. Since his parents weren’t staying with him for the first 5-6 months after Scarlet was adopted, he had to take her to his office every day. To his surprise, Scarlet turned out to be a therapy cat for his employees.

NewsOnPetsMeghan the stray cat who passed away

“Everyone around the office played with Scarlet, she enlightened the office vibe. I have seen instances where colleagues instead of going for smoke breaks, used that time to play or run around her. Believe me or not, this increased the productivity of my company’s output. Employees around were happy, there was less stress and apart from this, she taught us that a pet can change your life, be it with work, home and family”, Vinay tells NewsOnPets. Apart from Scarlet, Vinay also mentions about Meghan, a stray who was found near his office. “She too played an important role in our office environment. She helped us realize that there are homeless animals wandering about in search of food and love. Empathizing and showing our concern to these strays by providing a little food to help them survive will do us no harm. She is no more now, but will have an important place in my heart forever”, he added.

Hello hoomans,I was never a cat person but this cute kitten changed my thoughts towards cats forever. Purr. Scarlett…

Posted by Vinay Belani on Sunday, 5 August 2018


Earth Remedy is an initiative started by Vinay along with his two partners, Tweesha Raisinghani and Neeta Shetty towards environmental betterment and animal welfare. All the three founding partners of this initiative have pets, two of which are cats and one is a dog and they believe that the inspiration to start this organization called Earth Remedy comes from their pets itself. Their tagline reads, “Let’s Co-Exist” explaining the fact that the Earth is not just for humans but also for animals, trees and every living organism that has life.

Another surprising instance that Vinay narrates is that his mom, who wasn’t an animal lover then, now pampers Scarlet more than he does. She has brought his family together with her cuddles.

Apart from Vinay, there are thousands of cat parents and cat lovers out there who believe and have experienced the love and care of these beautiful living beings. The famous saying goes, ‘we don’t choose pets they choose you, and if they do so, they are never letting you go’! Cats do make wonderful pets, and after this inspiring story, we believe it too.

NewsOnPets admires every cat lover out there who are doing their best to cater to the needs of these endearing companions. Happy International Cat Day!


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