Weekend Binge: Typewriter

While the quintessential backdrop of this horror series is a haunted house, the plot mainly revolves around an antique typewriter. The series has been written, directed and co-produced by... Read more »

Weekend Binge: Dogs

If you’re staying in this Friday night and want to spend some quality family time, here’s your solution to get together. Netflix’s Original Documentary series, Dogs is a heartwarming... Read more »

A wild car chase with a goat-obsession

Chopsticks is Netflix’s first Indian original film production, with a storyline that revolves around how it feels to be taken away from your loved one, whether an object or... Read more »

Movie Review: DisneyNature’s Penguins; a fairy tale amidst deadly sea predators

Disneynature, on its 10th anniversary brought to us its thirteenth nature documentary on the life of a Penguin, in its recent release, ‘Penguins’. The story revolves around an Adélie... Read more »

The cat of horrors from Pet Sematary

Pet Sematary is a dark thriller and a remake of the 1989 classic by Stephen King. Known for the shockingly eerie cat character, this movie is perfect for those... Read more »