Blind Calf and Rescued Pitbull define animal love

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An animal shelter in Alberta, Canada named Saving Grace Animal Society witnessed a bond unlikely known to many. A Pitbull now named as Sweetpea and a blind calf, tow-month-old named Heaven have become the best of friends.

Both the animals are rescues by the shelter. “They took to each other and immediately bonded,” Erin Deems, the animal rescue’s executive director, told CBC News. They are now found playing and sticking by each other at all times. While Heaven was rescued from a dairy farm located in Northern Alberta, Sweetpea was rescued from an underground fighting ring, reports

After her rescue, Heaven was all alone and lonely. She never mingled with any other animal on the farm. She was sacred. She preferred living in a small pen which is placed at the shelter’s backyard. On Sweetpea’s arrival at the farm, at the first bark, the two got together.  The two will never leave each other and are tagged as ‘Best Friends Forever’. “Sweetpea took to her right away and showed her the ropes, as she often does with dogs that we bring in that need extra medical attention. She just kind of latches onto them and kind of shows them the way. They really love to sunbathe.  Sweetpea really enjoys grooming Heaven so she’s always licking her face and cleaning her up as well as she can. They just really enjoy each other’s company. Love knows no species boundaries. When two animals can bond like that, it’s pretty heartwarming”, Erin told CBC news.

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