Bengaluru & Mumbai; Pet havens for all pet parents

Lana Paws, a pet accessory brand recently carried out a survey to find out the most pet friendly cities in the country. 1500 pet owners from the nation took part in this survey. Bengaluru is first on the list of pet friendly cities with a total of 20 percent respondents vouching for the city’s affable nature towards pets. Mumbai is second on the list with 18 per cent stating that the city has thriving a pet friendly community. 

On the lower end, there were cities like Hyderabad and Delhi with just 12.5 per cent and 12 per cent contributors respectively, classifying their cities as pet friendly. 

Additionally, another set of results revealed that 70 percent of pet parents attested to their city being reasonably pet friendly. 14.5 percent of participants felt that a few cities opposed to the idea of being pet friendly. 

“Indian cities do well enough on the pet-ready scale in terms of access to basic pet services such as vets and pet products. While this is heartening, it seems that we will need to go a long way in ensuring more pet friendly attitudes as well as open spaces such as parks, in every neighborhood” Founder of Lana Paws, Vidha Shukla told 


The cities that ranked as the lesser pet friendly cities are facing concerns like, lack of parks and open spaces, restrictions on pets in neighborhoods as well as apartments. 60 percent of the surveyed population raised concerns about the annual vaccination and the welfare and facilities for strays. 

“A comprehensive plan for stray dogs and sensitizing kids regarding proper behavior has the potential to bring down cases of dog bites and conflicts,” Shukla adds 

That being said, there are a growing number of NGOs and Animal Shelters across the country that are attempting to spark a change in the attitude. 

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