Baby Rhino Rescued in Assam Floods!

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Amidst the recent catastrophic floods in the Kaziranga National Park, a baby rhinoceros was found drowning. A 45-second video circulated in the last 24 hours of wildlife rescuers saving the rhinoceros calf has won many hearts.

The video is of three men in a paddleboat whilst another man is standing on a wooden raft. They are on either side of the calf. As a joint effort, they can be seen  trying to lift the calf from the forceful gushes of water. Parveen Kaswan, an Indian Forest Service (IFS) official, uploaded the video on Twitter.

When speaking to Reuters, State Legislator Mrinal Saikia said: “The animals are having a tough time with large number of rhinos, deer, elephants, trapped.”

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