Aromatherapy Can Work Wonders for Pets Too!

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Aromatherapy has had a booming presence in the recent years. According to With a global valuation estimated at $1.3 billion last year, a majority of consumers seem to be in favour of aromatherapy. That being said, it’s become the new go-to product for pet parents too!

The therapy that uses essential oils has been extremely effective when treating illness and disorders in humans. The method works similarly with your pets as well. It can either be breathed in or massaged onto their body.

Certain types of oils help  in the physical sense for pets as well. It can not only help cure itching, ear infections, fleas and ticks but also work as a calming stimulant for your pet.

It can also rid odors he or she may have after their fun play date at the playground in the pool of muck.

Physical Benefits of Aromatherapy:

  • Aroma therapy cures arthritis in pet dogs. Your pooch could have an essential oil rubdown. These essential oils can be applied and massaged thoroughly on your pet’s bare limbs and chest
  • Other than healing a rash n itchy skin or a injury externally, the properties of a particular essential oil can help boost the pet’s immunity
  • Essential oils can be beneficial for skin infections and rashes
  • It can ameliorate any respiratory, circulatory or digestive problems


Emotional Benefits of Aromatherapy:

  • A deep essential oil massage acts as a great relaxant for pets. It is not only a form of pampering but also helps their mental health as well – in terms of issues like anxiety, stress, and nervousness
  • Petting and massaging your pet dog can work in both favors. It helps lower our cortisol levels as we pet and massage the oil onto the chest and neck of the pooch. Similarly, the pet dog enjoys the attention and feels cared for
  • Apart from mental health issues, essential oil belly rubs help your pet dog overcome hormonal issues

Veterinary experts state that, “If you’re looking to invest in a set of essential oils for your pooch, opt from the selection of either chamomile (relieves pets from anxiety and stress-induced situations), lavender (helps get rid of any body odors), neroli (helps calm the nervous system and rid the nightmares leaving your pet to get sound sleep) or marjoram (helps with medical conditions like indigestion, arthritis and bronchitis).

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