Are You Handling Your Pet Food Right?

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The job of feeding your pet right doesn’t end with buying the right brand. Most pet food should be handled hygienically and stored in a manner that it stays healthy.

Choose the Right Seller
Always buy pet food from a pet store or a medical store where the sellers are equipped to handle them right. It is common for kirana stores or local mom-and-pop stores to sell pet food but very few of them store them at the right temperatures. Pet food should not be allowed to sit on one side for too long. Their positions should be regularly rotated to ensure that the ingredients do not separate. Since the care taken for them can be done only professionals, few stores are equipped with the capabilities. Most local stores do not attend to the products enough, reducing their nutritional value. 

Cleaner Storage Area
If you are leaving your pup with a maid or someone else, ensure that you instruct them to treat pet food with as much hygiene as they provide to human food. Most people tend to carelessly use uncleaned ladles and feeding bowls, incorrectly assuming that few parasites can affect pets. That is untrue. Also, those who handle pet food should wash their hands before feeding them. 

Ensure that pets have their cutlery like serving spoons which are cleaned regularly. Check the expiration date of the pet food you buy. If your pet is a light eater, buy smaller packs, rather than bulk purchasing. Also, buy the right kind of airtight jars to store them. Follow all the temperature storing rules, to make sure that it is kept away from decay.

Bring It Raw 
Many modern pet owners stay away from feeding raw meats to pets, due to the trouble it causes while storing. It is tough to store raw cuts of meat and thaw them right for feeding time. Those pet owners who like to feed raw meats must follow a strict routine to avoid Salmonella contamination.

If you have a big dog or more than one dog, do invest in a large refrigerator while its freezer zone. It allows you to stock up once or twice a week. Since meat is required regularly, do try and make a deal with your local butcher if fresh meat is necessary. A large number of services do provide home delivery options, which can be utilized.
Those pet owners with cats who love fish, however, have a much tougher job to do. It is advisable to pick them as fresh as possible right from the market. However, most Indian towns have fish sellers who do house calls, and pet owners should keep an eye out for their calls. If you are likely to miss them, your pet will be sure to alert you at the right time! 

*Story written by Katya Naidu

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