Animal Identity Theft: Donkeys Pass Off as Zebras?!

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Angel Tomás Herrera Peláez filmed two donkeys that were masked as zebras. The video was then put up on Facebook captioned as, “shameful”. The donkeys were painted black and white to impersonate zebras as part of a wedding in Cadiz, a port city in Andalucia region of Southwestern Spain. These pictures and videos broke the Internet and caused uproar. Everyone expressed their rage on their respective social media channels.

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Source: Screenshot of Angel Tomás Herrera Peláez’s Facebook Video

The Cadiz wedding was a safari-themed wedding which angered animal rights activists in Spain. The animals were loitering around the bar in El Palmar amidst the celebrations. The video was reportedly sent in to animal rights activists.

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Source: Angel Tomás Herrera Peláez’s Facebook

Angel sent an account of this incident to the non-profit organization called Mother Earth. They then forwarded the concern onto the authorities like the Agrarian Regional Office, OCA of Medina Sidonia and the Nature Protection Service of Spain.

An investigation on the incident is underway.

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