Cognition Study: Do Animals Have Emotions?

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As part of a latest development, researchers are trying to understand cognition in wild animals.

Stony Brook University Ecologist Carl Safina while speaking to the New York Times said, “We’re seeing evidence that the envelope of what animals can do is much bigger than we thought,”

This opens up a perspective in knowing if animals actually feel pain or undergo emotions same as humans.

In a report dated February 21, 2019, published in The Scientist, there is a mention that “Since the 1970s researchers have been using mirrors to probe the minds of animals, gleaning clues from how they interact with and investigate their reflections in a quest to understand their cognition.”  Till now, as per the report a limited number of creatures have passed the self-awareness exam.

Carl Safina is a “MacArthur genius”and two of his books are scheduled for publication next spring which will talk about animal capabilities with respect to dogs and wolves. 

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