An Animal-Free Wedding Celebration

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Earlier this week, an Instagram Post by artist Richa Kashelkar went viral. Celebrities and other famous Instagram personalities have shared and circulated the post. Through the post, she raises her concerns regarding animals being used during Indian marriage processions. In addition, it also highlighted important aspects of adverse effects the processions can have on the animals’ mental health. From elephants, horses to even camels and donkeys quiver and shiver as crackers are being burst around. She even threw light on the idea of how films revered such practices which have resulted in them being a longstanding wedding tradition.


Wedding season is almost around the corner now – but have you thought about how you could avoid using animals during the processions? Keeping in mind the rituals and traditions as per the norms there is another way you could do it!

Here’s how you can have an economical and eco-friendly wedding by keeping animals at bay:

You can continue to have a baraat (marriage procession) and as per the plan stick to incorporate the quintessential Bollywood backdrop but a twist! You can opt for a carriage with artificially stuffed horses on wheels. This then means you can play loud music and dance to your heart’s content whilst fulfilling all that your heart desires without jeopardizing an animal’s mental health.

Using the artificially stuffed horse over a real one leads to various benefits like:

  • It can be elaborately decorated as per one’s choice without any limitation
  • A step in the right direction to eradicate animal cruelty
  • Traveling distances isn’t taxing
  • A modern & contemporary solution to the existing tradition

Kudos to those like Richa who raise their voices for those who don’t have a choice! Team NewsOnPets urges you all to have an animal-free Wedding Season!

Schynell Rodrigues

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