Actress Raveena Tandon Rescues Kitten, Hands it to PETA for Adoption

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Image Courtesy: PETA India

Bollywood actress, producer and an Indian campaigner for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Raveena Tandon, took time off her busy schedule and rescued a kitten who was wandering on the streets of Bandra, Mumbai. As soon as she saw the kitty yowling she got out of her car and immediately held it in her hand and consoled her. As stated by PETA, Raveena assumes that the cat had been hit by a vehicle. Seeking immediate help, she contacted PETA India. She stayed with the kitten and took care of her until the volunteers made their way through.


Raveena is a pet lover and an animal activist who has actively voiced animal-related issues on different occasions. One of which was when she teamed up with PETA India to promote the message, ‘Wearing Exotic Skins Kills – Leave Wildlife out of Your Wardrobe’. Here she urged people to stop wearing animal skin on their bodies. To spread the message she wore an animal print gown that had an animal print on it (which wasn’t animal skin) on a PETA India advertisement to promote the message.

Previously, she also was seen in an advertisement that promoted the message ‘Adopt, Don’t Shop’, where Raveena teamed up with PETA India and two other celebrities. She opened her house doors to three Indies and a stray cat that were rescued. Through the ad, the celebrity made popular the idea of ‘puppy love’ and motivated her fan following to experience the same. “I would rather help an animal in distress. These dogs, these animals deserve a chance and they need our help, they need our love they need our compassion”, the actress told PETA India.

PETA India has neutered over 500 cats across the city of Mumbai. This was to help overcome the vast population of strays and curb the homeless-animal crisis, states PETA India. “Sterilizing over 500 cats will prevent thousands of potential offspring from being born into difficult lives on the streets, where they face numerous dangers and PETA India isn’t stopping there – we’re committed to expanding this much-needed service in order to help more cats in the city”, says PETA India Emergency Response Coordinator Deepak Chaudhary in a PETA India’s news release dated July 9, 2019.  The initiative was partnered with the Bombay Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Youth Organization in Defence of Animals.

“The cats were aided with vaccinations, treatment for injuries, and proof-of-sterilization ear tags before being released back into their territories”, reports PETA India.

PETA India encourages people to adopt animals living on the streets rather than buying them with a price tag on. They believe that this would put an end to a large number of strays wandering on the city streets and that each animal would be living a happy and free life.

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