A wild car chase with a goat-obsession

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Chopsticks is Netflix’s first Indian original film production, with a storyline that revolves around how it feels to be taken away from your loved one, whether an object or a pet. While the actors have lived up to great expectations, the storyline, however, seems a little dragged.

If it was a short film, it would have gained better engagement of its viewers. The tone of the film is eccentric and takes one through a wild car chase with emotional blackmails and a weird twist to the goat’s tail.

Mithila Palkar is made fun of throughout the film for her innocence, her name and her personality. On the very first day of her new car purchase, it was stolen.

On her quench to find her missing car, she finds Artist (Abhay Deol) who has broken safe-locks all his life, however later turns to be Nirma’s life coach. He teaches Nirma how to face fear, which is the best needed to survive. She is a Mandarin language translator who helps tourists explore Dharavi, however, her honesty gets her into trouble. She and Artist find unique ways to catch hold of her red shiny i10 which was stolen and handed over to Vijay Raaz who plays the role of a gangster and a goat lover.

His goat is a fighter, named Bahubali which he loved the most and prepares him for a fight. He would never eat any mutton dish as it would remind him of his goat. To teach the gangster a lesson, the duo, Nirma and Artists kidnap his goat and exchange it with another. They blackmail the gangster, they ask the i10 in return.

It then continues with a typical Bollywood scene of a shot at Mumbai CST station of how the goons follow Artist to catch hold of him cut to a scene of Nirma in front of Vijay Raaz explaining how her intentions were not to hurt him rather teach him a lesson, and the movie ends on an emotional note of Nirma returning back Bahubali to Raaz telling the viewers, a pet’s love and affection is above none. And above all the storyline ends with telling its viewers animals need to keep as a pet and not in the fighting ring.

Everything then falls in place. While other shots of the film bring to the notice of the inside stories of Mumbai, like the scene where coins or chillar as it is called is packaged for selling or the robbery of cars in the name of pay and park parking outside temples or even the exchange of cars for expensive electronics. Director and co-writer Sachin Yardi directs a simple film with the cast at their best, however, Netflix’s first Indian original film production could have definitely been better. Never the less, it has brought out animal love and pet affection brilliantly bartered for a car that a simple middle-class woman living in Mumbai purchased with her hard-earned money.


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