A March Towards Having a Cracker Free Diwali

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A dog march was held over the weekend at a hotspot in the city. This was an initiative by WSD, Extinction Rebellion, and Bombay Animal Rights. Not only was it organized to spread awareness but also to alert the side effect it can have on animals.

The event was a crowd puller as many were seen joining the march along with their dogs. Some were carrying placards and creative banners.

Amidst Diwali festivities, because of the sound of crackers and fireworks, animals tend to get scared and try to look for hideouts. The street dogs and cats are the ones that directly bear the brunt of this the most as they don’t have homes or a safe haven to run to.

This campaign also had a twofold purpose. It was conducted to educate everyone about the effects that the fumes of the crackers have on their respiratory system.

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