7 Signs that Your Pets Have Set Household Rules

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If you notice strands of fur strewn all of your interiors, chances are your pet has taken charge of the entire household. Safe to say you’re living in a pet’s empire.

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Here are 7 signs that your pets have set out the rules in your house:

1) Sharing is Caring
The treasured blanket you’ve been wrapped around with as a child is now also your pet’s too! If you need warm cuddles and wet kisses, be prepared to have a comforter fight with him or her. It’s now their blanket too – their most precious sleep accessory.

2) Pamperin’ Away
You probably get more excited when you’re shopping for your pet. Even if they’ve removed all the cotton out of their two-week-old stuffed animal, you immediately rush to the pet store to buy them four more. Even with treats, you switch from a human perspective to a “pawsperctive”. You want the best for them and sometimes get too carried away!

3) Your Sofa is their Possession
Your pet patiently waits for you to make space for them to climb up and mark their spot on that brand new couch in the drawing-room. Eventually, you realize that you and your pet are perched on the sofa more often than you are. Sometimes he or she has even taken the liberty to sprawl all over leaving you little space on the floor.

4) Chewed Pieces of Paper
Most people don’t understand why dogs tend to rip papers and other such things apart. Generally, from your pet’s point of view, they view such items as edible and also because they’re extremely bored with playing with their basket of toys. By now, you must’ve mastered using the excuse “the dog ate my homework Miss!”. Goes to show who’s boss at home and gets away with all the mischief!

5)  Brag about the Swag
Every time your pet does something absurd, you feel the urge to photograph it and send it your WhatsApp or Instagram broadcast list. It could be as simple as an expression or reaction to a situation. Whenever a parent speaks about their kid, you feel the urge to chime in and say “my pet too!”.

6) First Lick and Shake Hands with a Paw
Any time you have a visitor, your pet races to the doorbell to meet and greet him or her before you do. It works as an unsaid policy in the daily scheme of things in your household. In fact, nowadays, even visitors who come to see you, insist they exchange pleasantries with your furry family member first.

7) Comfort First!
When you’re home alone, you feel safer when your pet is around. His or her presence eases your discomfort. You can breathe a sigh of relief as your pet instantly sense your uneasiness and steps into the shoes of a caretaker. He or she almost becomes in charge of the entire household’s happenings and occurrences.

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